Dragon Ball Super

New Dragon Ball Super Spoilers Bode Poorly For Vegeta

Dragon Ball Super 107 ، Warning! Spoilers for Dragon Ball Super’s 107 th episode lie below: Dragon Ball Super may not be airing tonight, but Japan isn’t letting the anime fall away this weekend. A set of new synopses for the anime’s upcoming episodes dropped not long ago, and one of them confirms Vegeta is about to be in for it.

Thanks to Todd Blankenship, a new synopsis for “Revenge ‘F’! A Cunning Trap Is Laid?!” hit the Internet today. You can read up on the summary below:

“Over half the contestants have dropped out at the Tournament of Power, and two universes have vanished. As the battle for survival continues, Frost seeks his chance for revenge against Vegeta. Using the mufaba which the Turtle Hermit fires at Auta Magetta, Frost seems to successfully seal Vegeta away, bu.

So, there you have it. Vegeta may not be getting eliminated from the Tournament of Power soon, but the Saiyan will face another unsavory fate. The fighter will be trapped by Master Roshi’s Evil Containment Wave if not just temporarily, and the prison will be a first for the villain.

If you are not familiar with the Evil Containment Wave, then you should know the move is one you want to avoid. The attack was made to seal any evil hearted persons, and the Dragon Ball franchise has used it several times over the years، Master Roshi made the attack famous when he attempted to use it against King Piccolo, but other heroes like Future Trunks and Tien Shinhan have also mastered the move.

As for its victims, the Evil Containment Wave has trapped its fair share of baddies. King Piccolo’s son Drum was sealed away by the attack, and Future Zamasu was briefly entrapped by it. However, the baddie was able to escape the prison since Master Roshi forgot to provide Future Trunks with the wave’s proper seal.

Hopefully, a similar fate awaits for Vegeta،. The attack is a very unpleasant one to experience, but the hero might not be contained for long. Master Roshi’s attack may be manipulated by Frost to affect Vegeta, but the martial artist could give the Saiyan the opening to break free from his prison. And, given Vegeta’s unparalleled stubbornness, fans are betting the hero pulls through the redirected attack just fine.